Ancient and exceptional wood deserves hand-fitted joinery.
That joinery must be strong, time-tested, pleasing to the eye,
and compliment the piece of wood it holds together.
You will find no shortcuts in my furniture, no screws or nails
with wooden plugs covering them to simulate pinned mortise
and tenon, just the real thing. No jig-traced dovetails in my
work, only hand-cut ones, which show the time and care,
and yes the imperfections of hand-made. If there is a way
to fasten wood together that is faithful to the craft of
traditional joinery, I use that way. The result is real, not fake
and the effect is evident in the finished creation. It takes longer
and cost slightly more, but the difference will be appreciated
for many generations. It will never be heirloom quality, no
matter the age and beauty of the wood, if it's not built right.