It all begins with the wood. No matter how well designed or
crafted the project, the wood should still be the focus of attention.
I select all the wood for my creations for figure, color, grain,
and age. Some of the sinker cypress I use is estimated to have
been 600-800 years old when cut down in the mid- 1800's. It
has remained underwater for more than 100 years. That age, and
the time spent underwater, make these slabs unmatched for
beauty and highly sought after.

Another favorite wood for many reproductions (like my old
lift top desk), is heart pine. I am located in the pine belt,
and our part of the world is known for its long-leaf yellow pine.
Many of our original settlers made their barns and homes of
heart pine logs and beams. I seek out this old wood and saw it
into planks that are simply amazing. It is one of my favorite
woods and you will see it often in my work.

Whether reclaimed cypress and pine, or freshly cut native
dark heart poplar, select red or white oak, you can be sure that no
matter what I build, I will give the wood the first and last word.
And what a story it can tell.